Curl Type Clarity Workshop


Identify your hair type once and for all with Curl Type Clarity

What You'll Learn Inside Curl Type Clarity:

  • Why your curl pattern doesn't matter
  • What the 4 main characteristics of your hair type are 
  • The other "secret" hair trait you need to consider
  • How to identify your hair type in a few easy steps
  • What to do with this information to help you choose better products and build a simple routine


Is this a physical product? No. This is a digital product that you will receive via email.

What format is Curl Type Clarity? This is a text document and video. You'll receive a pdf file with the link to watch the video along with your cheat sheets. 

What's the difference between Curl Type Clarity and Curly Product Handbook? Curl Type Clarity is a video workshop that walks you through the main hair characteristics so you can decide which your are. It also teaches you what each type needs. The Curly Product Handbook is an ebook that will help you choose product based on your hair type. It includes a lists of recommended products for each type.

What kind of support will I receive if I have questions about the product or the techniques recommended in the ebook? For this type of support you would need to join the Fabulous Curls Academy.

What is the refund policy? Due to the digital nature of the product there are no refunds. 


This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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