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Find the Perfect Products for Your Hair Type

Discover the perfect products for your curly or wavy hair type with our ultimate guide! Say goodbye to frizz and hello to beautiful, defined curls. Download now!

Ready to achieve frizz-free curls that will make you fall in love with your natural hair? Look no further than the Curly Product Handbook®! With this ebook, you'll finally have all the tools you need to confidently choose the best products for your specific hair type.

Here's what's included:

  • A curl assessment to help you determine your hair type.
  • A product matching guide app to make it easy to choose the right products.
  • The Product Manual, which offers explanations of different products and their uses.
  • The Product Probing Process, which helps you test new products effectively and efficiently.
  • Cheat sheets and templates to help you on your curly hair journey.

Say goodbye to hair product confusion and hello to a simpler routine with the Curly Product Handbook®!

Accessing the Curly Product Handbook

Accessing the Curly Product Handbook is as easy as a few clicks. Once you've made your purchase through our digital shop, you'll receive an email with a link to download your ebook. The link to the website app will be included in the ebook. You can access the guide anytime, anywhere, on any device – whether you're at home or on the go. 


  1. Is this a physical product? No. This is a digital product. You will receive a pdf file to download.
  2. What format is the Curly Product Handbook? Curly Product Handbook is an ebook (pdf file) and website app. 
  3. Does this work for international customers? I do not recommend this for people outside of the United States because I cannot guarantee the products I have chosen will be available or cost effective to have shipped to you.
  4. How do I know which hair type I have? Will the handbook help me figure that out? Yes, the curl assessment walks you through identifying your hair type and characteristics.
  5. I've tried so many different curly hair products in the past and none of them seem to work for my hair type. Will this handbook be any different? The methods used in this are exactly the same as the ones I use on paying clients. They have been tested on myself and many others, and are exactly what I teach my clients. If you know your hair type, you know what products do, and you understand what your hair needs, then you can easily choose the right products. That is what this ebook teaches you.
  6. I'm worried that the handbook will be too complicated for me to understand. Is it suitable for beginners or only for people with more experience with curly hair? Yes, it's not complicated. It will take some time to go through the book but it is easy to understand and implement.
  7. I'm on a budget - will the handbook provide affordable product options or is it geared towards more expensive brands? The products included range from around $8 to above $30. 
  8. What is the refund policy? Due to the digital nature of the product there are no refunds. 


This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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Highly recommend

I highly recommend the Curly Product Handbook. I made a document of notes from it, as there was so much great information in it! I watched the videos in it a number of times. The tips and tricks were so helpful, how to tell how much product to use, how long to air dry before diffusing, how to clump your curls, just little things that make the overall product turn out better. Like tips from a master chef. The product selection was fantastic. I didn't skip right to it. There's too much good stuff in there just to pass by. But when you get to it, it's terrific - by hair type (density, porosity, curl type, texture.) Coupon codes for everything from towels for hair plopping to starter product kits. Don't miss this!


Saves you money

Helped in understanding product ingredients and how to use them - I’m in high dew point so it’s very good! This will save you money trialling so many products - trust me! I wish I found this years ago

United States United States

Not worth $27

Most of the information from this handbook is on her website and/or elsewhere on the internet; I had read much of this stuff already. Even the links in the handbook took you straight back to her articles available on her website. I gave it two stars because the product list for each hair type was somewhat helpful, but I regret the purchase and wish I wouldn’t have spent $27 on information that is freely available to me elsewhere. I could have used that money to buy a product to try that she recommended on her free website instead! I also clicked on one video link and it was so underwhelming that I didn’t finish it. I didn’t want to regret my purchase even further by watching more underwhelming videos, so I chose not to watch anymore at all. Therefore, I can not comment on any of the videos except the first one I half-watched—which was not great. I hope this helps others make an informed decision about purchasing the handbook for their curly hair.


Helpful for the basics

I liked the example brands that are clean. I’ve been reading the ingredients of many of the big brands listed and seems they usually have at least 1 bad ingredient. So still experimenting with samples.


Delilah helped me understand I don't have dry frizzy hair but using the right products for my hair type and understanding ingredients is everything. Her guidance in selecting the right products for my fine, low density hair has made an amazing difference, my hair actually looks good now!. I've spent a fortune on hair products over the years seeking the holy grail and now I feel like I've found it. I've learned to limit humectants in my styling products, how to dry and style my hair and wear a buff to bed so my hair looks its best. THANK YOU!

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