Master Your Refresh ebook


Are you tired of struggling to refresh your hair only to give up and put it in a bun anyway?

With the Master Your Refresh ebook, you'll learn exactly how to restyle your curls in between wash days in as few steps as possible, and actually like the way it looks.

What if there was an easy and quick way to restyle your hair with good results?  

That's exactly why I created Master Your Refresh. I want you to have beautiful curls all throughout the week without fussing with your hair for an hour every day.

To make it easier and faster for you, I have outlined the best, simplest, and quickest techniques, including step-by-step instructions with video tutorials and tips, so you can quickly and easily evaluate your hair and determine what it needs!

Master Your Refresh is the ultimate guide to styling next-day hair!


This is an ebook that will help you have great results when you refresh your hair by showing you how to:

  • Restyle your hair in between washing in as few steps as possible (and with good results) -- even if nothing has worked yet!
  • Go longer in between wash days… and have good looking curls at the same time!
  • Get to work on time because you’ll be spending less time refreshing your hair -- I give you 6 refreshing templates that make refreshing as quick and easy as possible!
  • Feel confident leaving the house with your restyled day 3 hair!
  • STOP wasting time trying lengthy refresh routines that don’t work on your hair!


  1. A 24 page ebook with text lessons, templates, and links to video tutorials.
  2. 6 plug-and-play Refreshing Formulas®, aka step-by-step styling routines.
  3. Video tutorials for each of the 6 refreshing routines.
  4. Product advice and refreshing tips for all curl types.
  5. Printable (or saveable) templates to help simplify refreshing.


  1. Is this a physical product that I will receive in the mail? No. This is a digital product, a PDF ebook, that will be emailed to you. You can download the file on any device and print it if you’d like. Nothing physical will be sent to you.
  2. What format is Master Your Refresh? Master Your Refresh is an ebook. Within the ebook, you'll find lists, cheat sheets, and videos. You can print out the cheat sheets.
  3. How do I know this will really help me find the right products? The methods used in this are exactly the same as the ones I use on paying clients. They have been tested on myself and many others, and are exactly what I teach my clients.
  4. Can I really do this if I'm not a hairstylist? Yes. You don't need a hair stylist to copy and implement the methods shown in this program. However, I did use hair stylist input to create this product.
  5. Who is Master Your refresh right for? Master Your Refresh is for anyone new to embracing their natural curls and/or struggling with restyling their waves and curls in between wash days. It’s probably not ideal for someone who already has an idea of what works for their hair and has been wearing their hair curly for a while.
  6. Is there anyone that Master Your Wash Day is NOT for? Yes, these techniques will not work on shorter hair. If your hair is shorter than a long bob, then this is not for you. It’s also probably not ideal for someone who already has an idea of what works for their hair and has been wearing their hair curly for a while.
  7. What is the refund policy? Due to the digital nature of the product, there are no refunds. 
  8. Is this product included within another product? The Refreshing Workshop video is included in the Transition Survival Kit. The rest of the content in this ebook (such as the Refreshing Formulas) is not included anywhere else.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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