Transition Survival Kit


Ready to fast track your transition phase and reduce your frustration?

The Transition Survival Kit ensures you know exactly what to do during transition to help you keep things simple while still having hair that looks good.

This also includes video tutorials to help you get better next day hair, improve the health of your hair faster, and achieve more definition NOW!

Transition Survival Kit is perfect for anyone who is just starting to embrace their naturally wavy and curly hair! 


  1. Spend less time fussing with your hair
  2. Have a plan for the first few weeks and months of embracing your curls
  3. Fast track the transition phase to get the results you want sooner 


  1. What To Expect Cheat Sheet so you know the 6 things to expect during transition and how to deal with them best.
  2. Transition Mantra & Tips -  my basic transition mantra along with 23 transition tips to help you focus on what matters and come out on the other side.
  3. Wash Day  Tutorials  - watch a sample wash day routine so you can see how to cleanse, condition, and style the right way for lasting, defined style with shiny, luscious curls.
  4. Video Workshops - 6 videos on refreshing, detangling, dealing with damage, transition tips, and more! So you can copy the right process and routine.
  5. Transition Hairstyle Tutorials & Ideas  -   Multiple video tutorials demoing a variety of quick and easy hairstyles you can use during transition so you're not a slave to your hair every day.
  6. Sample Schedule  -  Grab my sample schedule so you can have a better idea of how to structure your wash days, conditioning treatments, and clarifying washes. 

Is this a physical product? No. This is a digital product, meaning you will receive a pdf file to download.

What format is the Transition Survival Kit? Transition Survival Kit is an ebook. Within the ebook, you'll find lists, cheat sheets, and videos. You can print out the cheat sheets.

How do I know the tips and tricks will work on my hair? These tips will work for any type 2A-3B wavy and curly hair type. They have been tested on myself and many others, and are exactly what I teach my clients.

Will I need to buy any products or tools? No. These are just tips, tricks, and tutorials using the products you already have.

Who is the Transition Survival Kit right for? Transition Survival Kit is for anyone new to embracing their natural curls.

What is the refund policy? Due to the digital nature of the product there are no refunds.

 This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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